Subverting Genres: I Think I Rogue-Like You (GCAP 2019) – Game Design

Roguelike, dating sim, RPG – every genre definition evokes certain expectations from a player of mechanic, function and content. When we dig in to a genre, examine these expectations and subvert elements of how they function, we can explore interesting mechanic innovations within sometimes tired (and unsuitable) labels for games.

Using Starcolt’s first title ‘Best Friend Forever’ as an example, we’ll take a look at the upsides and downsides of using genre definitions, and how we can twist and explore these to work in our advantage as game designers to create fresh, interesting experiences.

Idle By Design: UI/UX for Incremental Games (GCAP 2017) – UI/UX Design

Using PikPok’s recent hit title Dungeon, Inc. as a case study, Lucy Morris discusses best practices and challenges in designing interfaces and user experiences for incremental games. As ‘idle games’ grow in popularity on the mobile store, crafting a satisfying UI/UX is key to setting your game apart.

Incremental games lean heavily on UI to convey the vast majority of their gameplay, which is often complex and number-heavy. Learn just how a good UI/UX can facilitate an enjoyable incremental game experience, drawing from a post-mortem of Dungeon, Inc.’s UI design and other idle game examples.


Tips for applying to games jobs – love, an employer (2020) – a list of common mistakes & tips on applying to jobs in games

Putting the ‘Rad’ Back in ‘Radial Menus’ (2018) – a history & analysis of radial menus in games

Crowd Control: Tips for establishing & running effective games conferences (2016) – conference running/management tips


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