need help with your game's interface?

Good news, I’m here to help! I’m a UI/UX specialist with over seven years experience in interface design on multiple platforms:

PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Android

I’ve assisted developers consulting at many different stages of development with their user interface and user experience direction, and often for different things. While it’s best to get started planning your UI during pre-production, it’s never too late to improve the layer between the player and your game. Some services I’ve provided are:

  • Interface audit – playing through your title and preparing a report of areas where your interface could be improved or tweaked for better usability
  • Wireframing – preparing wireframe sketches for game features against design documentation or developer direction
  • Design exploration – a deeper dive on the core user interface design on different ways to approach a certain feature
  • Asset creation – creating production interface art assets to be used live in game

Don’t see what you need here? Shoot me an email, and let’s chat about how we can make your game usable as heck. I hope I can say ‘heck’.


Consulting with Lucy on the designs for Chorus’ dialog UI was a genuinely delightful process. Tapping into her expertise and getting her to show and explain a variety of approaches really helped us to nail the look and functionality we were going for. I can’t recommend her enough!
Liam Esler
Managing Director, Summerfall Studios
Lucy’s expertise helped us realise more of the potential of our game. Her depth of knowledge across all aspects of game development highlighted problem areas with the early builds of our project, and allowed us to tackle issues early in development, rather than try and undo systems put into place later in the timeline. Working with Lucy was a breeze, and I cannot recommend her enough.
Brian Holland
Creative Director, Sun's Shadow Studios